It Just got Personal

Hit List takes the guesswork out of deer hunting without losing the thrill of the hunt. Photograph, label, and track the location of your target buck so you can hunt more and hike less

Manage Your Hit list

Create custom names for the big bucks you’re after, tag them in trail cam photos, and let DeerBrain organize your bucks into a condensed, actionable Hit List.

No more sorting through hundreds of pictures of animals you aren’t interested in; Hit List gives you highly organized groups of photos for each target buck. Simply tag your buck and observe its patterns from home to have a successful hunt the next morning.
Hunters who have their target bucks on a hit list. 

View Photos by Location

DeerBrain makes it easier than ever to view and organize the photos on your Hit List by their exact trail cam location or any custom location, allowing you to easily learn the patterns of your herd for more successful hunts. It’s like a treasure map for bucks.