Deer Season Challenge


DeerBrain is so sure that any open-minded hunter is going to love the DeerBrain SD card reader, we want to remove any hesitation you might have about ordering today.  We challenge you to try the DeerBrain SD card reader for the entire 2022, 2023 AND 2024. Deer Season if you don't love the product, so much that you would refer it to a friend, simply mail the product back and we will refund the purchase price of the DeerBrain SD card Reader.



Yes this is a crazy bold statement.  The only way we can make this bold of a challenge is because we have personally owned dozens of SD card readers and had them fail in as little as 2 weeks.   Our product passes the highest quality standards on the market Apple's Made for iPhone certification.    The app developers and designers are avid hunters running 42+ trail cameras each bringing new and innovative products and strategies to the app world.