Get in Their brain with Analytics

Graph exactly what you need

Download to App and test it out with real sample analytics data.

With easy to read graphs splitting your trail camera photo data just the way you want to see it.

Sightings by Hour of Day
Sightings by Moon Phase
Sightings by Time Since Dawn
Sightings by Time Till Dusk
Sightings by Trail Camera

Filter your data

Filter your Data by Month, Daylight, AM or PM, Moon Phase and Trail Camera.

You can filter in multiple different ways depending on your specific deer and your specific data to see what works best for your hunting property.

In the example above you can determine which moon phase offers the best Mornning daylight movement.

Download to App to see Sample Data

Locate your Buck with Custom Heat Maps


Some of the hardest deer to hunt are those on public land. Hunters are always looking for the easiest access into the woods and stick close to the access roads. With the DeerBrain heat map generator option hunters will be able to identify the hardest to reach locations where the big bucks often run for security.

Helpful Hint- By using the satellite imagery you can zoom in and draw in most of the access roads.

Personal Story - On a public land hunt in 2018 I hiked 1.5 miles back down a trail into what I thought was going to be the most remote area of the property. Only to find 6 other hunters that had the same thought. None of us ended up killing a deer on that hunt and the pressure we placed made the hike worthless. After shifting gears and evaluating the property in the way DeerBrain custom heat maps work, allowing you to draw in roads and mark tree stands, I was able to find a good amount of public land deer.


Are you ever looking for a place on your hunting lease that nobody or very few people hunt? DeerBrain's custom mapping can help you identify the areas on the map furthest from other hunter's tree stands. You can pinpoint tree stands and access roads on the property map. Then using the heat map option you'll be able to view less traffic areas for hunting.

Manage your Hit List

Trail Cam Photos Organized

List of all Photo Locations

Save photos to you phone directly through the DeerBrain App.   

View Photos by Location

Using the DeerBrain App, saved photos can be organized by location or trail camera making it easier to view saved photos by location.

Add Location to Photos

Have a photo that's been texted to you? Save the photo into the DeerBrain album on your phone. Then you can add the photo to a location and keep your photos organized.

Mapping Tools

Area Measurement

Accurately measure the area of any shape. This is a must have to calculate acreage for accurate food plot estimates.

Map Markers

Detail your hunting area with 30 different map markers from stands to parking areas to traps. 

Distance Measurement

Utilizing the distance measurement tool you can measure the distance between any two points.  

Map Layers

Select from three different base map layers. Google Satellite, Google Terrain, and Google Street.

Nationwide Parcel Data

Nationwide Parcel Boundaries

Land boundaries for public and private land for 95% of the country.   

Parcel Data with Owner Information

Get landowner information including, acreage, address and landowner's name. Store boundaries to your custom maps with just a button click.

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