Get in The Brain of Your Deer Like Never Before

When you reviewing photos on the DeerBrain SD card reader you can quickly tag and track specific bucks.  Using the date and time stamps from your trail camera photos along with the location that you provide for the trail camera.  This information is compiled and cross referenced against the sun and moon positions.  Giving you detailed information in to the patterns of your deer

Track Individual Deer or see how your entire deer Heard is moving.

Saw that monster crossing the road or at the edge of a neighbors field you can manually add those sightings in as well.

Analyze your Deer.
You've seen the predictors layout this is going to be the best day to hunt all month long only to get skunked and not just you several of your hunting buddies.  Another time they nail it.   Using the DeerBrain Analytics you can pattern YOUR deer on the properties you hunt. 

DeerBrain iPhone Trail Camera Chip Reader - SD Card Reader for iPhone
DeerBrain iPhone Trail Camera Chip Reader - SD Card Reader for iPhone
DeerBrain iPhone Trail Camera Chip Reader - SD Card Reader for iPhone

DeerBrain SD Card Reader for iPhone

The DeerBrain SD card reader, not only enables you to review trail Camera Photos 5x Faster than Typical Chip Readers.  We enable you to quickly tag your bucks with names and analyze the movement patters of the deer.   

Review Photos 5x Faster than typical Chip Readers - Try it Like it or return it.

30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on the chip reader

Passed Apple's strict MFi certification.

Detailed Filters

DeerBrain Analytics allows quick easy filtering to look for your specific events.   

Filter by:
AM or PM
Trail Camera Location
Moon Phase

See it in Action. 

You can in the side by side graph 5x more afternoon movement during the week leading up to a New Moon. 

Sightings by Hour Of Day

See Deer Movements by Hour of day to help select the best times to hit certain tree stands. 

Sightings by Time Till Sunset

Ever go into the tree stand early only to feel like you are wasting your time?   You don't mind going in early if it improves your odds.  Now with DeerBrain Analytics you can select the options that help you get into the stand early for YOUR deer. 

Analytics turns in to a managed HitList

While quickly Tagging your deer for analytics the saved photos are easily reviewed by Tag